How to retain customers in your restaurant

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Some facts:-

Number of Restaurants in Singapore per year

Answer this :-

1. Do you have contact details of your customers ?

2. Do you know every customers favourite dish ?

3. Do you know which dishes need more attention ?

4. Do you have a way to get feedback from your customers ?

5. Do you have any loyalty program ?

Why do customers leave?

  1. Competition: New store turns up right around the corner and gives a great discount. Where do you think they go ?
    How to fix it :-
    • Have a unique selling point.
    • Have a marketing strategy that makes people aware of you.
    • Find why customers come to you and what makes them happy.
  2. Single Bad Experience: One bad experience is all it takes. Whats worse? you never know what happened and why, and so you have no idea how to correct it.
    How to fix it :-
    • How do brands fix this? They collect feedback and they give unsatisfied customers a promotion they can use next time. This ensures a future return customer and a conversion from unhappy customer to satisfied.
    • These customers wont reduce your ratings and higher ratings means more business.
  3. Bored: Your customers are humans and unless you make it personal and mix it up. They’ll eventually leave.
    How to fix it :-
    • Know your customers favourites. Use an app that tracks order history.
    • Recommend similar dishes.
    • Know what dishes they didn’t like and recommend based on their taste.
    • Personalise their dishes and give them exactly what they need.

Here are some tips:

1. Have an online presence.

2. Have a loyalty program.

3. Don’t give spot-discounts. Give coupons/redemptions/stamps.

Wouldn’t it be best if your restaurant ordering system collected the customer details automatically, remembered their order history, made recommendations, and allowed for promotions on next visit? See how QueueR solves it for you.

Consider these facts:


- Track data about customers, orders, feedbacks, reviews. Without data its just an opinion.

- Reward your loyal customers.

- Give your customers a personal touch.

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